what I did first

2013 was a pretty crazy year. Married for the first time in February, quit my job, moved from London to San Francisco in April, planned a wedding and then married for a second time in October – to the same person – because everyone needs two weddings, right!?

Adjusting to a new way of life, country and culture has made for an interesting 18 months and so I thought it might be a good idea if I started to keep track of some of the things we get up to here in sunny California.

I won’t lie to you, I have grand ideas that this will be the most insightful, interesting and intelligent blog that’s ever been written whilst also being hilariously funny…it will likely be revered in the annals of internet history, win awards and probably solve world peace…

Whilst I fear I may have set the bar a little high I make no excuses for what’s to come. I will apologise in advance however for my over use of exclamation marks, the word ‘awesome!’ and endless lusting after pork based food stuffs…pork pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls *pauses to wipe drool from corner of mouth*. You can be safe in the knowledge though that whatever I write about, I will be brutally honest. So, this is me. If you don’t like it you don’t have to stick around, you can go find someone else that might actually be on the verge of ending global poverty through the art of blogging!